The New Book

Entrepreneurs face a seemingly insurmountable challenge from the very outset of their business. With only one in nine start-ups making it past the initial launch phase, simply getting your product or service to market is an achievement. However, this is only one obstacle in the challenge of turning a concept into a fast-growing, sustainable business.

Daniel Weinfurter, a successful serial entrepreneur who has started two businesses of his own and played major roles in several others, takes entrepreneurs through the most complex and challenging phase of their business. By covering topics from leadership to business strategy to smart hiring, he explains how to transform a successful start-up into an enterprise that can succeed past its early days.

Second Stage Entrepreneurship takes the reader though the steps of becoming a continually growing business. It shows how to hire, train and reward the right talent in order to execute a well-articulated strategy for sales. By analyzing notable companies, this book illustrates how each of them has employed one or more of these strategies to become the successful businesses they are today. These model businesses, like all companies, each have unique attributes, but their strategies for growth share fundamental principles that apply to any business. Creativity, the right staff, unique corporate culture, proactive management practices, smart governance, strong leadership and new capitalization—all these tools are needed to steer businesses toward future growth and continued prosperity.